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    About Me

    About Me

    My name is Carmen Brown. I am married to an amazing man of God named Anthony. Which of whom I love to serve the Lord with.  We are blessed with four beautiful children and one on the way. All of them are so very different. Mostly because they are all in different stages of their life. My oldest daughter is 14, oldest son is 10, then our little girl is 3, and last but not least our youngest son is 1.


    I became a stay at home mom four years ago. I love it. Every day is a new day and is never the same. I truly believe after giving my life to Christ, he showed me how much I was meant to be a mom. The success of my career was suddenly on the low end of priories.


    I love reading books, blogs, or articles that has anything to do with marriage.  I can not start a day without a cup of coffee. Coffee is just amazing to me! On hectic days it’s pretty much breakfast, lunch, and dinner to me. (I do not recommend that!).


    I love writing and been doing it for years.  It’s always been therapeutic to me. I felt like writing for others to see was tugging at me for two years prior before starting a blog. I love to write to encourage myself and others through writing about my passion for the Lord. Blogging is not how I thought I would do it, but after some major research, here I am with a blog!


    My Mission:


    My mission is to be led by God. In 2009 I dedicated my life to the Lord. I was going through a tough divorce and felt very much alone. I was ministered to through a Freedom class then a movie at a church event. Instantly I was sold out for the Lord. I became a true believer that God will and can, heal, deliver, and restore.


    When divorce happened about a year later, I never doubted what God was doing. I knew that all things worked together for the good to those who love Him and was called for His purpose. I sought Him and asked Him to direct my steps. After much forgiveness and surrendering all my cares to Him, He healed me, delivered me, and restored me.


    I have now been married to my husband Anthony for four years and love every bit of it. He is a man after Gods heart. We are in agreement that our mission is to be led by God in all that we do.


    Purpose of Blog:

    As I began the adventure of blogging in my life, I hoped to inspire and encourage other women with the Word of God of what being a wife and stay at home mother is as a follower of Christ. I hope to express understanding, compassion, and love to all the beautiful, strong, graceful mothers that read this.


    I want to share about the blessings of building up our homes as godly wives and mothers. My deepest desire is to build a home that represents Christ and with the Lords help I would like to express all that comes with it to you.


    Building a Blog:

    Since blogging, I have developed a love for encouraging new bloggers. After reading a high statistic number of how many bloggers fail per year I became heartbroken wondering how many of them were Bloggers spreading the gospel. I immediately began writing  to new bloggers about how to blog, how to build a blog, and how our blog is needed.

    I lead a private Facebook group that is specifically for Christian Women Bloggers, By His Grace Bloggers.

    The purpose of the group is help others use their blog as a ministry and to build as an entrepreneur. My admin, Natalie and I teach on branding, social media, building a following. We also encourage bloggers to use their blog as a ministry through their writings and to follow the desire God has placed in us as Christian Bloggers. This group has been the biggest blessing to me in my blogging journey.

    I have also created a eBook specifically for Christian Bloggers. The eBook is about how to build a blog and to establish yourself as a Christian Blogger.

    The “By His Grace We Blog” eBook consists of 17 chapters that is full of steps of how to build your blog. You can find out more here.


    Married By His Grace:

    Founded 2016. Married By his Grace was created because His grace is upon us. I am married to my husband that I have the honor to serve the Lord with because of His grace. I am able to write about marriage and being a mother because of His grace. When I gave my life to Christ, I started a lifelong relationship with the Lord. I am married to the Lord first and I have a marriage with Him because of grace. As I write this blog I hope for us women to receive His grace through the lifelong relationship we have with Him.


    For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8