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    Step by Step: How to Start a Christian Blog.

    How to start a blog. Step by Step to start a Christian Blog. Wordpress. Faith inspired Bloggers.

    Step by Step Tutorial of How to Start a Blog.


    Yay….So excited you are here reading the step by step tutorial of how to start a Christian Blog!


    This must mean you are considering to start a blog. Before we get started on the simple steps of how to start your amazing blog site, I first want to congratulate you on your new adventure. You are about to embark on an exciting time as you prepare to start a new blog that will not only be rewarding for your soon to be readers and followers but also for you!


    I have a eBook that I think will help you before or after setting your blog site up through Bluehost. ‘By His Grace We Blog’ eBook is a guide that will help you step by step with starting a Christian based Blog. To see more description of the book, click here.

    **As an incentive, if you purchase Bluehost to use as your hosting site, I will send you a copy of ‘By His Grace We Blog’ eBook for FREE. Please email me your new Blog domain name. I will then verify and send you a copy.**


    Becoming a Christian Blogger is committing to the calling of spreading the words that God has placed in you to write. Whether it’s to teach bible studying, to encourage others with biblical advice, or to become a motivational entrepreneur by the leading of Christ, your writings will touch people and will become a blessing!


    Now the question is…..


    Are you ready to begin a blog that you can use as a creative space to express your talents and gifts?

    Yay! Here we go….


    Today, I am going to show you the steps of how to start a blog on Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the most successful and well known blogging platforms because of the affordability and superb customer service. Bluehost is actually the only platform WordPress recommends as a server.

    By His Grace We Blog eBook

    The pros of using Bluehost is that you will become a self- hosted site. Being a self hosted blogger is the best way to eventually monetize your blog. When self-hosted, you own your site and you are not as limited to what you want to do with your blog compared to using free blogging platforms. Your blog should become your own creative space that you can build relationships, plans, and live out visions on.


    To get the newest deal out there with Bluehost, click on my link to Bluehost to get started.


    Click here , to be directed to Bluehost main page:


    Click “Get Started Now”




    You will be directed to choose a plan. Basic plan is best choice for first starting up but may need to upgrade as your blog grows. Bluehost allows you to upgrade at anytime.





    Next you will enter your domain name (Blogs website name) that you have chosen. Try to choose a name that will be easy to remember and will not be easily misspelled. The name should relate to your topic and niche. If you are transferring a blog over to Bluehost,  you will input in the “I have a domain name” box.



    You will now input your payment information. On the payment page there are options for upgrades. You do not need any to get started but you may need as your blog grows. The only option I did get from the beginning was the Domain Privacy Policy. This keeps your personal name and address shielded from the public.




    Your next step is the final step to officially have your blog up and running. This part of creating your blog is the going to be the easiest part of setting your blog up.


    To set up WordPress you will go to your cpanel on the Bluehost dashboard that you were automatically directed to. You can get to your Bluehost dashboard from your “Welcome” email. That will be sent immediately after registering for an account with Bluehost.

    Under the website tab on the Cpanel page you will click install WordPress.



    WordPress will ask you to click start, after doing so you will be ask to choose your domain name (blogs name) from drop box.


    After click check domain you will then be taking to a page to continue installing, before doing so make sure to click “Show advance Options”. You will be able to create your username and password for your login to WordPress which is where you will create your posts and maintain your blog.




    Bluehost will now install WordPress on your server and let you know when the process is complete. You can login into your WordPress by going to the admin login.  Simply enter /wp-adminto.


    Once you login with your new username name and password you created in the WordPress installation; you can now begin your first post! Here is what it will look like.


    Congratulations you have completed setting up your blog. Now its time to have fun with customizing it and getting all the tools ready to get your blog exposure.

    For a list of tools that I used to frugally start my Christian blog click here.

    Get the free “30 Things to do before starting a Blog” list by subscribing to Married by His Grace here.

    Click here to purchase By His Grace We Blog eBook. A guide to starting a Christian Blog.

    *As an incentive, if you purchase Bluehost to use as your hosting site, please email me you new Blog domain name, I will verify and I will send you a copy of By His Grace We Blog eBook for free.


    I would love to hear from you about your new blog! If I can answer any questions for you just drop me a message! Excited for you my new blogging friend!


    (Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy )