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    12 Christian Based Small Shops to Follow.

    12 Christian Based Small Shops on Instagram to follow. #Christmasgifts #smallbusiness #Christianbasedgifts


    I have always appreciated small businesses and shops. When looking for personal gifts, finding small shops with a Christian based mission statement and vision is something I usually look for first before going somewhere else for gifts.


    I love the thought that I am purchasing something that not everyone else out there would have. I also love the fact that I am supporting someone that is building a vision.


    Not to sound too cheesy……. But I feel a sense of honor to support small shops by purchasing from them first for gifts to others.


    Listed are 12 Christian based Small Shops that I am completely obsessing over right now. Some on the list are ones that I have actually purchased from or have had the honor to promote on Instagram. Some I have not experienced yet but I really hope to soon! I promise you, if I do not have the product yet, then it is definitely on my wish list.


    I have linked each small shop Instagram handle. I highly recommend following each of them to keep a lookout for new products and even for sales.


    (I am NOT an affiliate to any shops I am recommending and will not be receiving a commission for including them in this post. The post is of my honest opinions.)

    12 Shops to Follow:

    Grey Ministries –

    So this one is actually on my Christmas list, birthday list, anniversary list, and any other list that can get me one of these amazing giant wool blankets. What is so special and desirable to me about this blanket is that Leah prays through every knit as she makes your special order. When you order a blanket, you can also give her prayer requests. That is priceless. Leah is actually in my Facebook group and I can honestly say her love for Christ is passionate and admiring. It would be a honor to have her pray over my purchase.

    12 Christian based Small Shops


    Elly and Grace

    Brenna, is probably is one of the fastest growing Christian Apparel small shop owner on Instagram I know. I started following her with just a few hundred followers. Within just months she grew to over 12k followers. Her Christian apparel for women is stylish, comfy, and have so much to choose from. I actually promoted one of her most sold shirts on Instagram earlier this year and loved every bit of it.

    12 Christian based small shops


    Hosanna Revival Bibles:

    Let me just describe Hosanna Revival Bibles in one word: “Gorgeous”. Absolutely gorgeous bibles. What’s even more amaaaazing about Hosanna Revival Bibles is that they are handmade and you can customize. This is seriously perfect for any creative person that loves bibles as a gift. This will speak right to their heart. To learn how to order a customized bible or to order one that they have just created, follow this link. Be sure to follow them to see something beautiful in your Instagram feed.


    Smallwood Home:

    I actually found out about Small Wood Home from my beautiful friend and fellow blogger Lori Schumaker . She has quite a few of their pieces hanging in her home. I fell in love immediately. She told me about their Instagram account and said to look out for sales. I bought within the week and love it. I purchased a large frame of lyrics from the “Oceans” song, which is what I always wanted. Got it for only $39 during their sale. Can’t beat that! Follow their Instagram to make sure you find out when their sales are.

    (photo credit: @Smallwoodhome Instagram)


    Gospel Brand:

    I found this husband and wife team from a Instagram video that was on my recommended search page. I fell in love with their personalities and their vision. They expressed their desire to spread the gospel and bam….I was a follower. I love supporting small businesses where their focus is about spreading the word of God! The are quickly growing and have so much to choose from for men and women. Be sure to check out their Instagram.


    All Things Through Him:

    Bethanie reached out to me earlier this year to consider promoting one of her shirts on Instagram. After checking our her Facebook page and Instagram feed, I was all in. Her email was full of enthusiasm about creating shirts where people will want to stop you and ask you about them – so it can start a conversation about Jesus Christ. And you know what… has happened to me. I have literally been asked about her shirt a few times and I get to tell them about the passionate creator behind the shirt and how she desires to share her testimony through her products. The best thing about the shirt is that it is the softest one I own. I love it and probably wear it at least twice a week, either out or with my sweats at home.


    Dandelions in December:

    This Instagram feed captured my heart immediately. I ended up ordering a necklace for my BFF Natalie and she said she loved it. Shelia was awesome while I was ordering the specific necklace I wanted for Natalie. I chose a Grace necklace since we are leaders of the Grace Girls; this was well fitting and a perfect personal gift to my BFF for a awesome price!




    I recently found Jenny on Instagram. I was so excited to find her scripture cards because with how many women retreats and events I go to, this is the perfect gift to hand out to large groups. These verse cards are beautiful and such a great price. These are what I will be using to place in birthday cards, Christmas cards, and as a gift offering to hand out at events.


    Flourishing Today:

    I may be a bit bias on this shop but it’s pretty amazing and as I stated earlier in the post, I am posting my honest opinions. Alisa is one my most dearest and trusted friends and is the creator behind the Flourishing Shop. She is so creative and such a blessing. Along with selling her own creativity on apparel; her desire is to help other Bloggers with building their brand by offering to create apparel with their logos. Alisa actually helped me and Natalie create our shirts for the Grace Girls. I love everything about them. The fit, quality, and style! Check out her full shop here.


    The Fellow Shop:

    The Fellow Shop sells beautiful handcrafted baby teething necklaces and clips. The owner behind the shop helps fund orphan care which you will quickly see that is where her passion is once you become a follower of The Fellow Shop. I love following Annie because her words with each posting is full of God’s word and the vision that God gave her to build community and to help with orphan care. It is truly beautiful and anointed. I find these to be a beautiful gift for any new mom.

    (Photo credit: @thefellowshop Instagram)


    Words by Heart Co.:

    Yes, please! All that you sell and more! I love how personal Words by Heart Co. is with their bracelets and necklaces. They are mostly bar style and hand stamped. You can choose from pretty much any finish. I can buy one for any age group which makes it even more desirable to me to buy as gifts for friends or family.



    Although this shop is posted last, this one is way up on my list.  I am in love with their vision and with them. I found this gem of a shop through All Things through Him. Through Instagram, it looks like they work together at Vintage Markets through out the states. I recently ordered a few bracelets for a few of my blogging besties for Christmas presents. I love them so much that I am regretting not buying a few for myself. The owner travels to Haiti for mission trips and brings back beads. She uses the profits to continue the missions trips and to help there in Haiti. Did I mention yet….. I am in love with this shop! To order, you will need to Direct Message on Instagram. But I promise she quickly responded and got my order to me within days.

    (Photo credit: @Bel.koz.ayiti Instagram)


    I hope you fall in love with these shops as much as I have. Make sure to follow to each of these on Instagram so you can enjoy every bit of their visions, goals, beautiful pictures of their products, and to read about their love for Christ through each posting they may share.

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