9 Ways to find inspiration to write a Blog Post.

9 Ways to be inspired to write a blog post. #Christianblogging #writer #writinginspiration


Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t get enough writing ideas on paper as a Blogger (or onto the keyboard in this matter). Since becoming a mom of five, this has been a bit of a hardship for me. Today I decided to remind myself the ways I am most inspired to write. Because even before becoming a mom of five, I have battled this, not as much then as I do now, but it has happened and I had to learn how to get inspiration.


As a Christian based Blogger, inspiration through my lifestyle and the way I grow in my walk is the biggest way I get inspiration as a Blogger and writer. I personally find it important that your inspiration should be in alignment with the foundation of what you write about. It will help keep your writing raw, personal, and honest.


Here are 9 ways I find inspiration to write a blog post:



Listening to a great sermon always gets me stirred up to write. Just hearing the passion from a preacher as he speaks about the Lord, gets my passion to write for the Lord fired up.


Reading my Bible:

As a Christian blogger, we MUST be in your bible consistently. I know reading our bible daily can be hard to do with as a mama, wife, full time employee, and so much more but here is the truth, we MUST be in our word daily. I am also speaking this to myself. As a Christian writer we have a different calling than most. We have an accountability to not just our readers for TRUTH to be written but to God. With knowing this, reading my bible gives me so much inspiration to write. It encourages me to read the letters from Paul, Timothy, and the great prophecies that the Lord gave to His prophets to speak. Oh’ how we need to read these stories to understand so much of what our writings mean.


Reading my old blog posts:

Reading old blog posts gets me all nostalgic and motivated to write. It reminds me of what I was feeling when I wrote the blog post and why I wrote it. I am reminded of why I do what I do. It simply brings me to a humbleness as a writer and keeps me encouraged to continue writing.


Reading other’s Blogging posts:

Before I loved writing, I loved reading. Reading was something I did quite often before having all my babies. I still read but now most of it is nursery books or alone in the midnight hour so I can squeeze in a few chapters without interruptions. Reading brings inspiration and creativity for me. Reading from other bloggers with the niche of Christianity or teaching others about blogging tips brings so many ideas to my own creativity. I fall in love with what others are doing that I ask myself the BIG question: What can I do? That question usually follow with a dozen writing ideas. Allow others to inspire you, after all that is most of our hopes for our readers to receive from us, right?



Prayer doesn’t exactly bring writing inspiration to me but it is a resource to my writing. It keeps me united with God. It keeps me in clarity of what He wants and expects from me. Through prayer I develop more as a person and as a godly women. A godly woman is the example I want to be for my readers and to be that I must walk in it continuously. Prayer keeps me walking in my gift, calling, and creativity. It keeps me walking humbly before God and to all that reads the words I am lead to write.


Sitting in my office/writing space:

This is probably, one of the top ways I receive writing inspiration. It is proven that working in an office atmosphere is more productive. I work off of time blocking. Time blocking requires undivided attention and a determined mind set to get things done. I include writing within my time blocking scheduling, which I always make sure I do in my office. Generally if I am working on my laptop in my living space, I am doing it to catch up on things or just to work on small quick tasks because I have extra time but my mind is not set as much as it is when I am working in my office. Working in your office gives you the mindset to get it done.


Decorating / Reorganizing:

Decorating and organizing places within my home always makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. It feels like the sun is shining brighter in the room and the room all of sudden feels bigger and livelier. This brings creativity to me. There has literally been days where I couldn’t get a word onto the keyboard for weeks. I would wake up, drive to Hobby Lobby, buy one or two items to decorate with then go home to change things up. Within the hour I am back in my office writing non stop.



I love journaling. It has been one of my favorite things to do since I could remember. It’s where I begin with no thoughts. Just the comfort of being cuddled up on my favorite chair, take a deep breath, and write. The thoughts, ideas, passion I write on paper never comes to be put on the keyboard because it is my time, my space, my own. This is where it’s just me and God with written words and I love that. I love that the thing He gifted me most with is just between Him and me sometimes. Journaling gives me confidence in my gift and inspires me to write more.


Deep conversations with my husband:

This is where I need to learn how to keep a notebook on hand to write all my writing ideas…. – But deep conversations are not exactly planned so how could I know when I need a notebook. The last thing you would want to say to your spouse is: “Hold on to that thought, let me get a notebook.” The deep conversations with my husband brings inspiration to me because he is my best friend. I am blessed we are able to sit, talk, and be truthfully open to one another. There is so much guarantee in our conversations that it will all go back to the Lord. God is first in our marriage and with that; it means God is the beginning and end to us, including in our conversations. What inspires me the most and the reasons why I write is because of God and about marriage, so there is just no better way to get inspiration for me.


Inspiration differs in so many ways person to person.. Once you find something that inspires your writing talents and creativity, hold on to it. Keep doing it.


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    November 13, 2017 at 10:08 am

    (Sorry for this double comment- my WordPress account was initially set up with my personal email and using my blog email is causing problems.)
    I listen to several Bible study programs every day. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses them so pertinently- how He always has SOMETHING that applies directly to my heart and life at that moment, but also inspires a new way to pray, another thing to write. I get edified in multiple ways!
    I will practice some of your ideas, too- thank you!
    Steven recently posted…“Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire”My Profile

    • Reply
      [email protected]
      November 13, 2017 at 6:52 pm

      Yes, God is amazing like that!! He knows exactly what will touch our hearts, move us, and build us up to continue to do the work we have been called to do. Thank you for visiting and I truly hope the post has blessed you!!

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