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As a wife, stay at home mom, full time blogger, participant in ministry, and amongst many other things, I can sometimes rush God to hurry up and give me His time.


This is by no means my intention. If I could, I would probably spend hours with Him everyday but most of my intimate times with Him comes in the middle of the night or very early in the mornings. Which by mid morning all I want to do is just go back to bed. So, if I was to be completely honest with you…. some nights when I wake up with the urge to spend time with God, I mumble; “But God, I got so much to do tomorrow. I need more sleep to accomplish it all.”


Not good, right? No, it is not.


Depending on my motivation, I will generally get up and spend my time with Him, as He has requested, but there has been days I have stubbornly went back to sleep and decide on just rushing Him in the morning through my reading.


But rushing your time with God does not give you intimacy with Him. It does give you time with the Holy Spirit and it will definitely not give you more understanding to His will.


Reading Kelly’s post this week truly made me feel like I was not alone in this area, which is what we all need to know sometimes. But most importantly her post spoke volumes to me because she writes about the importance of keeping in tune with God daily. By staying in tune with God, we will find balance.


When we stay in our word and choose not to rush it just because we feel like we got too much to do, God will peacefully keep us going. He will prove there is balance in Him.


Here is Kelly’s post featuring on Salt & Light Link Up….


The usual business of the morning tasks took on a higher speed as I tried to play catch up. I was rushing through my Daily Time with God, trying to block out the ticking of the clock and looming deadlines. After reading a few verses, I wondered if I could just move on to my “to do list.”


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Married By His Grace

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Married By His Grace

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