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    #Bestofnine What does it mean to you?

    #Bestofnine, what does it mean to you? #Christianblog #newyearnewyou


    2017 has officially ended. As of right now the hashtag #Bestofnine2017 has over 21k postings on Instagram and was getting hundreds per day in the month of December on Twitter.


    The #Bestofnine hashtag began its popularity in 2015 on Twitter. It has been growing as one of the most well known end of the year hashtag. So much so that there are #Bestofnine generators created for the specific hashtag.


    Most popular way to use the hashtag is ending the #Bestofnine with the year that you are about to end. (For example: #Bestofnine2017). You create a collage of your year with your favorite nine pictures which eventually creates a story of your current year overall.


    The hashtag works very well for the visual social media gurus on Instagram.


    As someone that has recently placed Instagram as their favorite social media platform; I have been falling in love with seeing all the collages Instagrammers are putting together that shares their families, dream vacays, their announcements of marriages, pregnancies, adoptions, new workplaces, new pets, achievements, and so much more.


    I even started reflecting about the nine photos I would choose if I was to jump on the hashtag bandwagon.


    I thought about the blogging retreat I went to early in the year, the transformation of our backyard my husband and I did together, the delivery of our fifth child, watching my eldest daughter go to homecoming, meeting my blogging bestie, Grace Girls reaching over 1k members, and many more beautiful moments with my family and friends.


    But those were all pictures I was able to post. Truth be told, although they were all great moments, they were not exactly my favorite.


    As someone that has battled this year to cope with postpartum, a conviction of not doing more in my spiritual walk, with unforgiveness towards a loved one, and with fear of failing personally and professionally, I realized my #bestofnine were moments that could not be captured through photo but only through the presence of God’s work.


    When we allow God to show us times in our lives that means so much more than the moments we capture on camera; you are allowing God to show you completely what He is doing and what He has done..


    Like moments of when:


    I cried to my husband I wanted to give up. I was tired and weak. I couldn’t see myself keep going but he wrapped his arms around me. Held me tight, and prayed for me till I fell asleep.


    Or when I got to travel alone with my brother and sister for the first time in years. Just us three, no spouses or children. We acted the same way we did when we were kids. On that trip I woke up in the midnight hour to see my brother kneeling in the middle of the room praying. Watching my baby brother prayer with such passion was one of the most beautiful things I have seen.


    When I cried to God to bring forgiveness in my heart for a loved one and He showed up instantly by changing my way of praying which then led me into forgiveness.


    Or how the Blogging retreat I went on wrapped me in love and awe as we sat around table till the midnight hour sharing the amazing things God did for us in our lives.


    Or how the number of members in the Grace Girls group is minimal compare to the unity. There is just no possible way it could be so full of love without God’s presence.


    One of my absolute favorites is when our son was born this year. The sound of the nurses and doctors singing along to the song “How Beautiful is His Name” by Hillsong was one of the greatest prophetic sounds I have heard.


    I especially loved when I was able to pray with my great grandfather days before he passed. There was five generations between us in the circle. He was the first generation to be saved. I saw the vision of his hands on the plow, sowing the seeds into the ground. Many generations in our family will continue to rise because of my grandparents faithfulness


    Although I understand and enjoy watching so many people create their #Bestofnine collages on social media, I can’t help but to think of what are my best of nine in 2017 and why?


    Will my moments only be ones captured on camera or will it be by the grace of God showing me all the work He has done with me. What God has done cannot always be shown by the naked eye. It takes a spiritual understanding to know it was God and that although man can not fully see it, we can because it is something that God has personally pierced us with.


    For example; seeing my brother pray in the midnight hour was such a honor because he had prayed for years for our family’s salvation. He was the first one between our siblings to serve the Lord. Through his and many others’ prayers each one of us came to the Lord.


    These are moments I pray the Lord continues to mature me in. To be thankful for the things I may not see without Him showing me.


    Here’s to many more #Godmoments in 2018 for you and me!



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