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    What Praying God's Word will bring. Power of Prayer. Featured post on Salt & Light Link Up


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    Garments of Splendor


    By no means, am I perfect about reading my bible daily. I actually wake up more in the middle of the night with the yearning to read my Word more than I set a steady time to read the bible.


    I personally look forward to those moments that I wake up in the midnight hour with an unction to go into my prayer room and begin reading where the Lord leads me. Sometimes it will last for a few minutes and sometimes it lasts for hours. No matter the amount of time I spend reading the bible; sitting in a designated area in my home as my husband and children sleep while I read the bible out loud always brings me so much comfort and peace.


    Although I am not someone that does this every single day or night, I have learned something about myself. The more I am in my word, the more the Lord speaks to me. The more I see the small things bringing me big revelations.


    Have you ever noticed that about yourself? Have you seen how much more you hear the whisper of the Lord when you are reading and praying His word? Or in contrary, have you ever noticed how much you begin to miss His presence because we are not meditating or speaking His words from the bible out loud?


    I love this post from Christin because she shows the simplicity of how God speaks to us but yet it brings such a magnitude of revelation. This is done by being in His word, living His word, and speaking His word through speech and time of prayer.


    To learn the power of praying God’s word, visit Christin at Garments of Splendor.


    Here is Christin’s post featuring on Salt & Light Link Up…


    I recently learned a valuable lesson in the power of prayer from a toad. Have you ever discovered that God sometimes speaks to us in the most unlikely ways? If we look around, He uses our everyday experiences to reveal His profound truths. I was reading the book Frog and Toad Together with my kids, I had one of those spiritual aha moments.


    The particular story we were reading was called The Garden. Toad was very impressed by his friend Frog’s garden. “I wish I had a garden.” Toad lamented. Frog gave him some seeds and told him that with a bit of hard work, he too would have a bountiful garden. “How soon?” asked Toad. “Quite soon.” answered Frog.


    After Toad planted his seeds, the rest of the story describes the comical way Toad waited for his seeds to grow. He talks to his seeds. He impatiently yelled at them. He read stories, poems and played music to his seeds – all to no avail. Finally, frustrated and forlorn, he fell asleep. A little while later, Frog excitedly woke Toad to show him the budding sprouts in his garden.


    “Toad!” exclaims Frog, “Now you will have a nice garden!” “Yes,” Toad remarked. “But you were right, Frog. It was very hard work!”


    I love this story because it reminds me of a powerful spiritual truth: We are called to sow seeds of prayer.


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