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    Earlier this year I had the privilege to meet Valerie Murray in real life. We met with a group of Christian writers and bloggers that we connect with through a masterminds group. There were nine of us women spending an entire weekend together talking about blogging, growing our platforms, our best and worst of blogging experiences, and our purpose for our blogs and books – but most of all, we stood up late nights, sat for hours in one position just to talk about our passion for Christ. So refreshing…..


    Trough all that we did share with one another and spoke intimately about it all came back to our love for Christ. It was probably one of the best weekends I ever had as an adult.


    Writing with the focus of encouraging new bloggers to build a blog and motivating established Christian Bloggers to continue the run is probably one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. I truly believe I am following my calling. To have fellow bloggers such as Valerie by my side and as my sister in Christ, has made the journey even more worth while.


    Reading her passion for blogging has always been one of my favorite topics that Valerie writes about. Her transparency always shares the reality of blogging as a Christian. I highly encourage you to hop over to read the entirety of the post. I promise you will be encouraged and blessed by it! You will quickly realize you are not alone.


    Here is Valerie’s post featuring on Salt & Light Link Up….


    After two years of marriage, you’re still considered a newlywed, but in the blogging world, two years seems more like a silver anniversary. 


    I read that over 90% of bloggers abandon their blogs after the first year.


    According to 10 Blog Statistics of 2017, the average blog post takes 3 hours and 16 minutes to write.


    When you consider that the top-ranked posts in google are between 1,140-1,285 words and that the median average time spent reading an article is 37 seconds and that 43% of readers skim blog posts, you can see why we sometimes we wonder if the only people really reading our posts are other bloggers.


    We publish words that feel vulnerable, hoping our stories will bring comfort to someone and remind ourselves that we never know where/who our words are reaching.


    We are often surprised that our Pinterest pin has reached another country or when we receive a comment from a thankful reader who has been ministered to. Those are the moments we remember our purpose in ministry and in doing what we love.


    And that’s the thing. We love doing it. 


    So I want to share with you some of the struggles I’ve faced as a blogger. Not because I’m complaining, but because I/we need your prayers. 


    Continue Post Here.


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