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Starting at a young age I began to battle with depression. As years went by, my defeat with it progressed.

Depression became a lifestyle for me.


It would overtake within moments. What I thought was a good day would change instantaneously with one thought. It worked as firery darts that would land right into my mind. The fire from the  dart would spread like it was a forest fire. One negative thought about myself would turn into a negative world that would overwhelm me.


My mind would become cloudy and flustered with the pains of trying to break through to make the mind stop critizing myself or drowning myself with past hurts that should have no longer existed.


I battled with this on a day to day basis for 12 years of my life. I felt like no matter what I did to conquer the disease that was overtaking my self esteem, thoughts, and spirit, I was made to fail against the sickness.


It wasn’t till I gave my life to Christ and heard the words “Speak life to yourself” that I learned the power of words.


By the Lords leading I would speak life to myself out loud. I spoke scriptures when my mind felt overwhelmed. I spoke words of encoruagment when I felt my spirit drowning.


By doing that, I was taken to the road of full recoevery from depression. I have now been free from depression for five years. What once seemed like a lifestyle is now a faded memory of what once felt like pain and tradegy in my life.


Sonya’s post about the 1 Thing you need to be the best you is full of truth and redemption for anyone that struggles with encouraging themselves from the lies of the enemy of who we think we are.


I truly hope you take a moment to receive her wisdom and instruction of how to speak life to yourself!


Here is Sonya’s post featuring on Salt & Light Link Up…

Remember when you were little, when everyone asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At that time in your life, I am pretty confidant that your answer wasn’t, “I want to be average” or “I want to live a mundane life.” When you were little, just like these kids, you had a dream and it was to be The Best You.

Fast forward to today – ever find yourself saying any one of these things? 


  1. I could never run a 5k – I don’t remember the last time I ran. 
  2. I wished I just like fruits and vegetables. I cant even imagine loving them.
  3. You can wear anything and look so good. I just don’t have the right personality. 
  4. I’m just a stay at home mom so I live in the mundane. You know – the same old stuff – fold clothes, wash dishes, change diapers, and then do it all over again the next day. 
  5. My family is struggling and I want to do something – anything but… fill in the blank. The market is flooded, people are tired of people trying to sell something, and who would buy something from me anyway?


Most people can probably relate to at least one of these because it seems to be pretty normal, right? What is being said is, “This is the way that I am and I wish it wasn’t this way, but it’s the way that it is.”
Essentially when you say stuff like this, you are telling yourself  – this is Your Best You.

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    Thanks for sharing Sonya’s post! My self-talk isn’t very positive most of the time. Excited to try Sonya’s suggestions:)
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    Great thoughts on getting out of the pit. One of my favorite psalms rejoices in the way God “redeems our life” from destruction. (Psalm 103)
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