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If I could tell you one thing about my blogging journey – I would without a doubt tell you, I have fallen in with love with helping new bloggers and encouraging the not-so new bloggers to keep going.


When I first started blogging, writing was the passion that was coming out of me. It fulfilled every selfish desire I felt I was missing. I was confident as a wife, mom, and working in ministry but I still felt like I was missing something that was supposed to be just for me. I wanted to do something that described who I am and who I have became in Christ (which ironically, who I became was someone who suddenly wanted to encourage everyone to do what they loved).


As soon as I clicked the publish button for the first time to my blog post, I knew blogging was the answer to the void. There was immediately a sense of completion.


But quickly, I learned how discouraging it could be and even more quickly after that I learned how many other bloggers; specifically Christian Bloggers, get discouraged. I wasn’t sure why at the time. All I knew is that it hurt my heart. I wanted to reach out to them how ever I could and tell them their words mattered.


Every single word that is being written for the glory of God matters!


Through experience most (Christian) bloggers will tell you, “Even if it’s only one person reading your blog, it matters”. That statement is true and full of wisdom. Just as that statement is true for me in the sense of audience so it is for me as seeing bloggers write.


I see it as this…..Every Blogger matters and we are reaching more than we think. If one quits, how many readers quit? What if you provided the one blog that they would read about the Lord? The one blog that had some sort of Gods presence within it for them? Or that gave them a revelation or encouragement that they never received anywhere else? If the one blogger stops, how many readers stop?


That thought then brings me to this…… I want to encourage, help, then encourage some more as much as I can. From the deepest part of me I want myself and my fellow bloggers to not give up on what God told us to do. This journey is not about us anymore. Once you say yes to Him calling you, you must know, it is no longer about you! This is about them and that is the beauty of it all. You are serving the kingdom and you are building it with one post at a time.


Now, please don’t think you were forgotten just because this is not about you anymore because you will see where your maturity of obedience will get you. You will begin to see provision like you have never seen before. You will see growth within yourself like you never experienced before and so much more. The act of obedience is not simply saying “yes God, I am here”. It is saying , “Lord, I am here, alert, ready, and I receive the promotion of growth!“.


I love this post from Fran because it nails what God does with us once we say yes to Blogging.


Here is Fran’s post featuring on Salt & Light Link Up…


I’m sure there are tons of possibilities people consider when creating a blog.  These are the 5 things I wish I would have known BEFORE starting my blog.


Preparing for this blog has been a very slow-moving process.  It started out with an idea, an image in my mind of what I wanted to express and share with the world around me. Then it had to be fine-tuned about 100 times, if not more.


For me, it also involved the hands and feet of various friends and family members, trusted and gifted people who I could bounce things off of and who were willing to step in and help me reach my goal.  Mind you they were not getting paid for this!


Quite possibly some of you have a gift or a talent you want the world to know about with the hopes that it might inspire, improve, or change people’s way of doing things for the better.  If so, I would encourage you to share it!  Think about the gift you have been given, talk with trusted friends, family or co-workers and see about setting it in motion.


We are all gifted in some way or another, be it crafting, saving, blogging, parenting, cooking, writing, cleaning, praying, organizing and the list goes on and on.  Name your gift and others could learn a thing or two from you!


So, let’s get down to it.

Here are the 5 things I wish I would have known before starting my blog…..


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