Preparing Your Children to Walk in the Anointing

Guest Post – Carmen Trujillo

We’re Christians, we love God, we live for Him, and we want to do everything possible to empower others to do the same. But the drive to win souls for Christ intensifies when we consider our own children.


We don’t want our kids to waste time tangled up in the things of the world. We don’t want them to use their God given gifts and talents to fulfill the lust of the flesh. Instead, we want them to accept Jesus Christ as their savior in their youth and serve Him throughout their lives. We want them to have boldness and courage to uphold the standard of righteousness. We want them to walk in the calling that God has placed on their lives, so they can complete the work He has chosen for them.


As parents, we happen to be in a prime position to aid our children in their spiritual development. By learning about the anointing of the Holy Spirit and teaching our children God’s law we can prepare our children to walk in their anointing.


What is Anointing?


Has anybody ever told you that you are anointed? Or maybe you’ve heard people say phrases such as, “I feel the anointing,” or “that song was anointed.” Many variations of these statements can be heard in Christian dialogue. But how many of us know what it means to be anointed or walk in the anointing?


Sure we can use the words in context and have a general understanding of what they might mean, we can probably even quote a few scriptures. But being anointed is more than a nice compliment we receive from time to time. It’s more than singing a great solo or preaching a great sermon.


The problem that we run into when we use these words but don’t study what God means when He says them, is that we restrict the move of God to a feeling or a reaction. Unconsciously we teach our children that they are only walking in the anointing of the Holy Spirit when other people have a certain response.


As mature Christians wanting to impart the knowledge of God into our own children, we have to take the responsibility learn what it is that we are saying to them. We have to stop solely relying on our experiences and traditions to justify our meager understanding of the things of God. We need to dig into the word of God and unearth some of these revelations. Think about it, if someone asked you what it means to be anointed would you be able to answer them?


Even if you were able to pull together a suitable response for the situation, would you be able to walk away knowing that everything you said was the true unadulterated word of God? We can’t teach anything to our children that we are unwilling to learn ourselves.


Fundamentally, walking in the anointing requires salvation. The anointing comes from the Holy Spirit and we only have access to it through our faith in Jesus Christ.


Understanding Salvation.


The question then becomes how do we get our children to understand that they need Jesus so they will accept His salvation?


In Matthew 19 we see a young man asking Jesus how he can gain eternal life and Jesus tells him to keep the commandments. Later on, in amazement, the disciples ask, “Who can be saved?” Jesus answers, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”


In the book of Romans chapters 7 and 8 Paul tells us that the law is good and holy. Yet we need deliverance from it because we can’t keep it in our own strength. And because we can’t keep the law, it condemns us to death. Then after describing the struggle between the desires to do right and the lust of our flesh, he asks; “Who will deliver me from the body of this death?” The answer… Jesus. He is the only one who can free us, and we are not condemned if we are in Christ.


Teaching our Children about God.


Teaching our children the law of God while they are young gives them a foundation for righteous behavior. It will also allow them to see the righteousness of God’s law as well as the benefits it brings to those who follow. But ultimately it will show them their inability to follow it entirely without Christ. Even if they think they are following it the Lord will reveal their lack.


When they grow to an understanding of the truth they will see that they need Jesus in order to be whole and complete. Children have to learn that they need to be saved and that they cannot save themselves. The faster they learn that lesson the faster they can surrender and run after Jesus!


When we are anointed it is God equipping us with the things we need to perform His will. But the anointing happens long before we walk in the office. Each moment we spend teaching our children the things of God provides them a tool to use in the future. Us having wisdom regarding the things of God provides them a valuable resource of godly council.


To prepare our children to walk in the anointing we have to have insight from God himself. The only way to gain that insight is through prayer and study of the word. God has given a charge to prepare the next generation to perform his will. But just as He has charged us He as prepared us. As parents of the next generation of Christians let’s be diligent knowing that God has equipped us and he will equip our children in the days to come.


   Guest Post from Carmen Trujillo: “I walk in a spirit of excellence pursuing the purpose God has for my life. My music and ministry is dedicated to the uplifting and edification of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

I have been blessed by my sister in Christ; Carmen Trujillo to guest post for Married by His Grace for the second time. Carmen participates in the Worship team at the church she attends and also teaches ages three to thirteen music. Her passion is to teach children the importance of praising and worshiping the Lord with a grateful heart. You can also see her guest post on ‘Teaching your Children How to Praise’ here.


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  • Reply
    March 13, 2017 at 6:50 am

    So true! Excellent guest post. God bless you for writing about something that much of the rest of the world strays from. So many times we are focused on our own needs, or trends, or social media that we neglect the future generation. Thank you for your commitment to raise children who will glorify God. I wrote a prayer for parents/ caregivers of children who have drifted from their parent’s teachings. If your readers think this prayer would benefit them, the link is-
    Erin@ recently posted…Win New JewelryMy Profile

    • Reply
      [email protected]
      March 14, 2017 at 7:30 am

      Yes, very true that many children are now more into social media and trends but I have also found that starting your children young and being an example to them at a young age will help develop their passions and likes. It is so important to encourage them at a young age in their gifts. My two older children, I did not do that and I see that they are trying to learn what their gifts are and struggle with learning how to use them. My two youngest, I began praying and encouraging them consistently about their gifts and its is amazing to watch them walk in them at such a young age. For example: My youngest daughter is a worshiper, the Lord showed me that when she was in my womb. I encourage her to sing all the time. Even when her voice is high and out of tune, I tell her how beautiful it sounds. She literally walks around everywhere singing, and she’s not just singing any song but sings praise and worship songs every day.

  • Reply
    February 28, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Carmen, you are speaking my heart here!! We don’t want our kids wasting time tangled in the things of this world…AMEN! Our calling in this is so vital, and we have been given such a profound and eternal calling. Just love this!

  • Reply
    Becky Hastings
    February 24, 2017 at 11:29 am

    It’s so important (and so easy to forget about) consciously looking at the needs of our children in regard to their faith. Thank you for the reminder

  • Reply
    February 24, 2017 at 9:58 am

    We do have such an important job as parents and grandparents. I completely agree–the only way we have insight (help) from God is through prayer and Bible study. My husband and I are blessed as our children follow after Jesus–now we can guide the grandchildren. I’m visiting from Grace & Truth.

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