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    The Husband Christmas Gift Guide.

    The Ultimate Christmas Guide for Husbands. Top Christmas Gifts for your husband.


    Christmas decorations are now being on displayed. Starbucks is letting everyone know their Christmas drinks will soon be introduced – and the smell of cinnamon pinecones is now the scent of every hobby store we walk into. The most gift giving time of the year is here and I am excited!


    I am excited to decorate the tree, flourish the home, buy the presents and wrap them up. To attend Christmas plays and to teach my children the reason for the season!


    I am someone that begins Christmas shopping in September. I love Christmas time and I love wrapping the presents ever so pretty. My goal is to buy presents for everyone I know and love dearly.


    Christmas shopping early allows time to find the best prices and grab it when it feels right.


    Every year I know exactly what I am going to get my children, nieces, and nephews.

    Children are usually writing a Christmas list throughout the year which makes it easy to grab their gifts.


    Although shopping for my husband is one of my favorite things to do it can be a little hard. Unlike the kids he does not prepare a gift list or even give hints.


    I try my best to take notes throughout the later months of the year of what would be great presents; small or big. Since he has many hobbies as an active man, here are a few of my favorites for him. These are also great gifts for any man in your life. (Father, brother, brother in law, ect.)


    Hopefully, you will be able to find a gift or two for your husband throughout the list.



    Dove Men Care Gift Set  $11.19 Buy Here


    Beard Oil and Comb Gift Set – Hombre Body $19.95 Buy Here



    J5 Tactical Flashlight $13.95 Buy Here



    Men’s Touch Screen Gloves $15.49 Buy Here


    3 Piece Tie Bars $18.95 Buy Here



    Tony Evans – Kingdom Man $8.46 Buy Here




    Skyroam Mobile Hotspot $99 Buy Here


    Portable Cell Phone Charging Pack $19.99 Buy Here



    New Amazon Firestick with Alexa voice remote $39.99 Buy Here

    The Amazon Echo $179.99 Buy Here



    Musician Finger and Hand Exerciser $16.99 Buy Here


    Guitar pick punch $25.97 Buy Here


    Premium Drum Pads $34.97 Buy Here


    Vinyl Record Coasters $9.99 Buy Here


    Blank Sheet Composition Notebook $9.08 Buy Here


    Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness  $149.95 Buy Here


    Tribe Cellphone Arm Band $9.98 Buy Here


    Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring for Active Men $19.99  Buy Here



    Sports Action Camera $72.99 Buy Here



    Watch Box for Men 12 Slot $49.95 Buy Here

    Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch $204.99 Buy Here

    Leather Messenger Briefcase $83.00 Buy Here


    Oversized Travel Bag $59.99 Buy Here


    Teton Hydration Backpack $37.92 Buy Here

    Traveling Camping Hammock $20.99 Buy Here

    Browning Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent $249.99 Buy Here

    Camper Multi Tool $11.55 Buy Here


    Bosch Power Box with Bluetooth and AM/FM Stereo $189.99 Buy Here

    Black and Decker Drill Set $79.99 Buy Here

    UltraHD Heavy Duty 5 Drawer Tool Box $140.99 Buy Here

    Stanley 65 Piece Homeowners Tool Kit $37.99 Buy Here


    Wives, I hope this is a great start for you for Christmas gifts but always remember the greatest gift we can give unto our husbands and family during this blessed time of the year is ourselves.

    “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

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