The 90 Day Pinterest Challenge Begins.

The 90 Day Pinterest Challenge. Learning Pinterest. How to build Pinterest Following. Social Media.


Hello! Incase you have not visit this blog yet; Married by His Grace is my place where I share my passion about marriage and parenting. I believe we can make those areas of our lives so much easier with the leading of God. I also write many posts to encourage new Christian Bloggers.


My goal for writing to Christian Bloggers is so they know; there is a need! There is a need for you to share your message, your testimony, your walk, and all that God has laid in your heart.


About eight months ago, I began writing to bloggers. I began to put all my experience,  research, and thoughts of how to build a blog by writing it all out to you step by step. (My blogging bestie Natalie  and I are especially detailed about all of this in our Facebook private group,  By His Grace Bloggers ).


My goal is to reach new bloggers and share with them everything that I have learned and is still learning as a blogger. I write as transparent as I can with as much detail as I can about all the things I wanted to know when I first became a blogger.


I felt like it was so hard to find blog posts that was about blogging without all the income reports and page view count; especially for Christian Bloggers.


As a new Christian blogger I yearned to find a blog that was Christian based and that could  answer questions such as: Is social media ok to promote for Christian Bloggers, Is monetizing from your blog ok for Christian Bloggers, What is the best way to promote my blog without selling my soul, Are there any other bloggers out there that think of their blogs as a ministry?


There is a YES answer to each of those questions but truthfully to find those answers, it took a lot of research, a lot of time with God, and a lot of time investing into communities with other Christian based Bloggers. All of it was well worth it and still is but what I found out in the middle of it all was a statistic number that burdened me very much.


85% of bloggers fail. They give up within just months of starting a blog. “Religion/Spirituality” is among the top five topics that is written by bloggers. My question was immediately, how many of the 85% was Christian Bloggers?


So many times in the beginning of blogging I wanted to give up. At one point, I actually called my hosting server and took it all down. I was discouraged and felt lost from all that I had to learn. But my husband once again pushed me to complete a task and encouraged me to do the blog. So, I lifted my head up the next day, humbly called my hosting and ask for them to open my account and site back up. Thankfully Bluehost is amazing and they got me all back up again within just a few minutes.


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Now a year later, here I am writing about everything and anything I can share with you about building your blog.


Anyone that knows me as a blogger knows how big of a fan I am about Pinterest. Even in my eBook, By His Grace We Blog, you will find two chapters just about building Pinterest and about how and why you should use Pinterest for your blog.


Pinterest is a free marketing platform for bloggers in any kind of niche. Currently it brings in 90% of my monthly page views and about 10% of my eBook sales.


Pinterest is a must for bloggers and entrepreneurs. It will bring so much success to your vision for your blog and like I said, it is free. Who wouldn’t like that?!


Pinterest is generally my focus point for promoting my blog every month. I put a lot of time into Pinterest and into researching of what works for Pinterest as a blogger; especially since Pinterest recently changed their algorithm.


But since the beginning of my eBook launch and a lot of changes in my personal life happening (Good changes!); I have not been investing as much time as I usually do. To be honest this new algorithm has been hard for me to figure out.


Thankfully, I have not decreased with blogging when it comes to Pinterest but it hasn’t increased any big numbers either.


So, as someone that teaches much about Pinterest in my Facebook group and that wants to help all my readers as much as I can of how to create an amazing Pinterest following that will lead to more readers, more subscribers, and more sales for your site, I have decided to start a 90 day challenge of Pinterest.


With all the questions I have asked myself and all the changes I have wondered about, I want to be able to answer for myself and for you!


Within the next 90 days I will be experimenting with:

  • Building my following.
  • Using Promoted Pins.
  • How does Promoted Pins work and did it really help?
  • Creating new graphics for my eBook, did it help increase traffic?
  • Updating older graphics; the results?
  • Researching affordable Pinterest Courses that bring in effective results
  • Updating boards.
  • Deleting Pins. Does this really help?
  • And much more.


After the 90 days of the Pinterest Challenge, I hope to show you results that can help you as Bloggers. I believe my investment in this will pay off big as a blogger because like I said; it already brings in 90% of page views per month.


If this was only bringing in 30% or less of marketing for me, I may not consider investing so much time in the marketing tool but I can not see anything happening from this but increase for myself and for you in the long run.



As of now, you can see from the screenshot that my Pinterest following is 9,363.

I opened my Pinterest account over four years when I was planning a wedding. All my bridesmaids encouraged me that Pinterest was a must to have to plan my wedding. Between June 2013 and June 2016, I rarely used Pinterest. As of June 2016 I had 63 followers and I was following 12. Within 9 months of using Pinterest for my blog, my account has bloomed to 9,363.


Within 90 days I will have posts that will show you step by step of how I did this. I will also, prayerfully, have clarity to all the questions I posted above.


Make sure to sign up as a subscriber as I will have my subscribers join me on the journey consistently, along with receiving emails about what’s going on with blogging and with Married by His Grace.


To receive more about basics of building a Pinterest account from the beginning and much more about starting a Christian based Blog, click here to check out my eBook ‘By His Grace We Blog’.

You will read about the foundation of building your blog into a ministry, creating a brand, social media, monetizing from blogging, creating products, and much more.


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  • Reply
    March 13, 2017 at 6:45 am

    Carmen and Brittany, you two lovely ladies will do so well in your Pinterest challenge. 😀😀😀😀 Looking forward to hearing results from both of you. Best wishes in your challenge.
    Erin@ recently posted…Win New JewelryMy Profile

  • Reply
    March 7, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    I’m excited about this challenge, and even more excited about the fact that you never gave up on blogging. If I already subscribe to your blog, will I get updates about this 90 challenge. Can I join you?

    • Reply
      [email protected]
      March 8, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      Thank you for reading and commenting Brittany! And yes absolutely if you are already a subscriber, you will be getting emails about the Challenge I will be doing for the next 90 days! So glad to have you join the journey!!

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