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    To the Discouraged Blogger: Fulfilling the calling on our lives.

    To the Discouraged Blogger - Fulfilling the calling on our lives.

    As a Christian Blogger, and as a Blogger in general, we can easily get discouraged.


    Your emotions get caught up as a writer, you pour your heart into the words that you write and into the foundation of the post so that you can make a connection with your readers and they can make a connection with you.


    Blogging and writing becomes an emotional journey for you no matter the reason you think you started blogging. You build a connection with the ideas and creativity that develops in your mind. There is always a deeper meaning and truth behind all that you put out there on the keyboard for others to see. You preconceive visions of who the words may touch and you stay hopeful that the moment someone reads the full outline, they can feel the emotions that you were trying to relay.


    This is all part of blogging and writing. You are putting your all into what most people may see as a hobby but you see as a ministry, or hopefully one day to be a full time job, or as a therapeutic relationship between you and your readers.


    But sometimes, a spike of discouragement comes about. It’s not just one or two bloggers at a time feeling this, its many. Many feel the hit of discouragement and it is known to come and go frequently within the blogging atmosphere.


    Most of us think we are alone when feeling discouraged and do not want to share because everyone else looks like they are booming in their blog. Their Instagram shows their upcoming products, their Pinterest following skyrocketed, and their latest post mentioned their growth in their page views and subscriber lists.


    This does not exempt them to the very least. They deal with the struggle to complete an editorial calendar too, they also have to sit till their hands cramp up to write, and they too take a few days out of the month to see where they can improve and begin their brainstorming just like the rest of the thousands of bloggers that is building on their own.


    When bloggers are hit with a spike of discouragement here are the top reasons I read most about why they become discouraged:

    • Comparison- “Their blog looks better than mine”; “They write better”; “They have so many more followers than I do and I started blogging before them.”

    • Too little time- “I am a stay at home mom, I do not get enough alone time to write.”

    • Not enough page views, am I affecting anyone- “I only get X amount page views per month, my blog is barely reaching anyone, am I even helping anyone?”


    After time and time again of feeling those characters I mentioned and feeling like you are the only blogger that is experiencing discouragement, you eventually feel like giving up.


    But wait, how many of you said God called you to write? How many said He came to you and told you to write to encourage, to uplift, to teach?

    Did He say there is a quota we are to meet or there is a ideal number to reach?

    Did He tell you our page views needed to be over 5,000, 50,000, or 500,000 to get His words out to the world?

    Did He tell you if your subscriber list was less than a 1,000 to not even bother to speak to His people or that your calling is considered ineffective?


    As a Christian blogger there is no standard but to stay obedient to what God has called you to do.


    Recently I heard something that made me think of us bloggers:

    “David was anointed at 17 years old to become King but he did not reign as King till he was 30 years old.”

    I have known this about King David but when I recently heard this I connected with it from a blogger standpoint.


    In blogging we look at what seems to be considered success:

    If we can make an income from blogging within a year, we have reached our calling.

    If our blogs receive over 30k views a month then we have became known.

    If we can reach 15k followers on Instagram then we are successful with our brand.


    Why do we put a standard on our calling? Why is reaching a certain point within a certain time limit considered success when we are doing the will of God?


    King David was called out from what seem to be a job for the “no ones” because he herded the sheep in an unseen place. Even from his own family he was not considered to ever become a man of success but yet a prophet was taken to him and he was anointed from where he was standing.


    After David was anointed he still had many years of serving unto others and do what God had for him to do before he was to reign as a King. The people were not yet ready for him when he was first anointed and all that he was about to do but God knew his heart would be humble and stay in labor till it was time.


    Another side of that is; are we ready? I may have been called from God to write over 2 years ago but am I ready for all that God has for me? Will I do what is required?


    It may take me seven years to reach 100,000 views a month or to get 20k followers on Instagram but my calling to write did not come with a descriptive standard from God to know that people received the words I had written. All He said to me was “Just write!” The outcome of it all is now of His timing and His choice, not mine.


    As I write and continue with it, He has put more into my heart, more goals to reach for, and more of an emotional connection to write for His people. Some goals include for me to enlarge my platform but not for the satisfaction of myself but because it is more people that can be touched. Enlarging my platform is not to put a number on His people for my records.


    His people are His, not mine to count.


    Doesn’t that statement just make you want to cringe. Counting His people! He said only He is to count the stars and name them all (Psalm 147:4).

    How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!

    Psalm 19:17 NLT


    I once heard someone say: “I use to want to be just like them, then the Lord told me, you would not be able to carry what they had to carry.”


    We do not know all the struggles others have behind the work that is shown as completed or successful. I want to carry what God knows I am capable of carrying and to do what God has called me to do. I can not stop doing what He called me to do because my journey doesn’t look as good as theirs.


    If God called you to write, then don’t stop till He tells you to stop.


    If you begin what He told you to begin than you can not stop Him or His plans.


    Imagine looking at Him and saying, “Ok, God thanks for the opportunity but my journey doesn’t look like theirs, I’m just going to give it a rest now.”


    Or worse…… what if Jesus said that carrying the cross?


    What if David told God, “You told me I was going to be King, it’s been over 5 years now, where’s my throne?”


    What if Paul said, “I’m not going to prison, call another.”


    We can not forget what drove each one to complete their calling: Passion.

    Their passion to complete what God gave them to complete. Their passion to fulfill an unknown calling with an unknown ending.


    Just as Paul reminds us in the book of James:

    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,  whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4 NIV


    I desire to count this season pure joy as I persevere with you to continue the journey of our calling.

    Keep preserving writers and know that the calling on our lives matter and more than we may think, many have read the words we have written because God is leading them to the unknown places to anoint the one person that no one even thought to be known.


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